Hi. My name is Jesse MacDonald. I am a local artist, owner, and designer of my company, “jesse macdonald”. I am located in Northern California, just outside of Sacramento. I remember being fascinated with art creativity architecture music and design very early on in life. I spent much of my artistic career exploring mediums and have finally found a space that seems to fit my natural gifts and talents best. I started venturing into the art of designing and building back in 2009 with a reclaimed bed frame for my wife and I, that we still use and love today. Since then, my skills and interest in this art have progressed into the genre of contemporary art. I’m continually learning and exploring my craft, bringing a unique perspective, originality, and experience into the work I do, challenging traditional boundaries and bringing an artistic edge into peoples homes and businesses.



You've landed yourself at a location to reach the artist directly. I love artistic freedom when I create any project, but also enjoy some direction, a conversation, and even better an in person meeting where we can really get on the same page about your custom piece of art. I want us both to enjoy the whole process and feel comfortable communicating our shared vision.  I love to collaborate to create a lasting piece of art, relationship, and positive memory that will give us both a nice story to tell when we're finished. To start the process just reach out or come by my studio/gallery using the info below.

Thanks, jesse



6321 Main Ave. Units A&B

Orangevale, CA 95662



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